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East Falls
Philadelphia PA


One Sharpened Pencil is a greeting card and stationery company adding an element of satire and style to traditional holiday, birthday, and greeting cards.




Valentine Cards & Love Letters

Heather Crujeiras

One Sharpened Pencil has posted our Valentine and Love Letter Collection for 2014 to the etsy store. Most of the cards can be used for all occasions. Cards such as "Cupids Arrow Collection" and the "XOXO Hugs & Kisses" can be used to just say "I'm thinking of you" all throughout the year.  Enjoy the new collection!

Please Note: One Sharpened Pencil will be on vacation from January 1st to the 20th.  Any orders during that time will be processed and shipped after January 20th.  We thank you for your flexibility during our time off!

SHOP the One Sharpened Pencil Valentine & Love Letter collection on Etsy >

One Sharpened Pencil Valentine Card and Love Letter Collection for 2014. SHOP NOW!

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