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East Falls
Philadelphia PA


One Sharpened Pencil is a greeting card and stationery company adding an element of satire and style to traditional holiday, birthday, and greeting cards.



Heather T. Crujeiras  

East Falls
Philadelphia, PA 19129  





My name is Heather Turano, I have worked in the field of graphic arts and creative direction for over 10 years. I believe in true passion of your craft and dedication to details. Using mixed mediums I am able to construct unique creative designs for my clients.

About the Company:
One Sharpened Pencil is adding an element of style, satire and wit to traditional greeting cards, stationery and paper products.

About the Process:
OSP greeting cards are hand drawn starting with one sharpened pencil. I then use pen and ink, watercolor, or other mediums to define the design. After all the elements are created, I use the computer to manipulate the design's color and size.

About the Materials:
OSP has taken the time to handpick the most Eco-friendly materials so you as the customer can feel good about your purchase. OSP paper products are printed on recycled & sustainable card stocks and shipped in sturdy recycled cardboard mailers to prevent bending. OSP Purchases from companies that believe in post-consumer waste, are FSC ® certified.



My creativity began at a young age. Growing up on the small island of St. Augustine Beach, FL. The scorching heat having no hindrance on a motivated young girl in the 1980's. Influenced by the slow town, I was pushed to use my imagination and creativity to occupy my time. Most of my days consisted of running on the beach, climbing trees, and navigating the swamps of the bay behind our home. I can still hear my Fathers amazingly loud whistle indicating it was time to come in for the night. It was a simple time, which I return to often in my mind.

As time passed my Mother and Fathers hearts were still in Brooklyn.  So, when I was at the ripe old age of 12 my parents moved me and my brothers up north, where I would spend my teen years discovering who I was and honing in on my craft as an artist.  I finished high school, college and then set my sights on the closest city in my reach, Philadelphia, PA.

Nine years, and Philadelphia still surprises me with the small town feel of each section within it. It is full of culture and history around every corner and I am inspired by every geographical inch.

The world that surrounds me everyday, the places I travel to, and the people I meet are what creates my personal aesthetic style and creative outlook.  I look forward to the future knowing that I have absorbed all I could have from the past.




Located in Philadelphia's historic Fairmount, sandwiched between the beautiful Schuylkill River and the streets of center city Philadelphia.